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Script name   : PhpFox.Neutron-v4.3.1-Build4.NULL-NCP
Supplied by   : [NCP]-TEAM (                                       
Nullified by  : [NCP]-NULL-TEAM                                  
Tested by     : [NCP]-TEST-TEAM                                     
Protection    : Removed
Homepage      : 
Release date  : 07-04-2016
Release type  : PHP/MySQL                                    
Price         : $*** USD


phpFox is a featured packed social networking solution. Our goal is to 
provide your community with features found on major social networking 
websites like Facebook and MySpace.phpFox is built on a platform that 
gives you full control with your websites layout giving you the ability 
to easily create a unique look direct from the comfort of your Admin
Control Panel.

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1. Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer.

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Powered by The Easy PHP Guestbook

The Easy and free PHP HTML comments software for your website - Hundreds of happy users worldwide!

CD cover image for free php guestbook script Let your visitors comment on your html pages! The Free PHP Guestbook script is a simple FREE yet powerful php comments guestbook script with multiple advanced anti-spam features, that can turn any one of your existing html pages into a spam free html guestbook, where your website visitors can leave their own comments. You can also easily use the provided template to build a website guestbook from scratch.
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Cruehead CrackMe v1.0

A crackme (often abbreviated by cm) is a baby affairs advised to analysis a programmer's about-face engineering skills
They are programmed by added reversers as a acknowledged way to "crack" software, back no aggregation is getting abandoned upon.
Crackmes, Reversemes and Keygenmes about accept agnate aegis schemes and algorithms to those begin in bartering protections. However due to the advanced use of packers/protectors in bartering software, abounding crackmes are in fact added difficult as the algorithm is harder to acquisition and clue than in bartering software.
A Keygenme accurately is advised for the reverser to not alone acquisition the algorithm acclimated in the application, but aswell address a baby Keygen in the programming accent of their choice. Although, a lot of keygenmes appropriately manipulated can be self-keygenning.
Cruehead CrackMe v1.0 Tutorial

How to setup appserv 2.5.10 On windows

What is AppServ?

AppServ the begining.
       AppServ is not support by Thai Goverment or Corporation but this program was inspire by Phanupong Panyadee (AppServ Foundation). Concept of AppServ it is Easy to install Apache, PHP, MySQL in 1 minute. Many people in this world have problem when Install Apache, PHP, MySQL becuase use long time to configure and some time can make dizzy. First time of distribution provide on October 9, 2001. Many people use AppServ and growing up everywhere in this world. Right now AppServ website provide in Thai and English language. For the future AppServ wet site will provide every languages on world.

AppServ is.
    AppServ is a full-featured of Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin. You can setup in 1 minite.
        Package of AppServ
             - Apache
             - PHP
             - MySQL
             - phpMyAdmin
    All packages download from Official Binary Release. AppServ objective just make easy to setup. We do not provide anything else more than Official Binary Release package. Becuase we think the Official Binary Release work better than compile by individual or third-party binary.
AppServ have only special configuration when install, Apache configure httpd.conf, MySQL configure my.ini, PHP configure php.ini. AppServ can guaranty any package from AppServ can work stable like Official of Apache, PHP, MySQL Release.
    Objective of AppServ Just Easy to install. You can setup web server, database server in 1 minute.For some question AppServ can be Real Production Web Server or Database Server. We can tell you Yes !! 100% can make AppServ to provide Production Server. But Windows OS is not good enough for heavy load on you web or database server.Windows OS architecture use more memory and CPU usage we recommend you to use Linux/Unix OS to service heavy load of work. Because Linux/Unix OS have more speed and use less memory and CPU usage. If you compare hit when use Windows OS and Linux/Unix OS you must be found a very difference speed. e.g. Windows can handle 1000 users per second but Linux/Unix OS can handle more than 1000 users per second and eat a little memory and cpu.

How difference of AppServ version.
    AppServ Version
          2.4.x is a Superb stable version work for all user, by the way this version use PHP 4.x because work fine with your old PHP code.
          2.5.x is the Rock function. This version provide newest and experimental of Apache, PHP, MySQL.

Recommend for AppServ
     We recommend for all AppServ user. You do not upgrade to new version every time when released. You should to select some version for your work if you think this version stable for you. New version is not mean good. 
from :

Now the tutorial 


New Firefox Luck Version 29 Beta

Mozilla has officially released the beta version of Firefox 29, just two days after Firefox 28 became generally available.
The most visible new addition in Firefox 29 Beta is the Australis interface, which is the most significant Firefox user interface change since the Firefox 4 release in March 2011. Mozilla developers have been talking about Australis since at least last June as a new design that will revitalise the browser, making it easier for users to get what they want from the Web.

playstation 4 Owned & hacked

This is what the hacker Reckz0r may do if the accident that he did in Pastebin does not get bound in the next few days. So what may this absolutely be?
*Sell out in Australia: Stocks of the PS4 are gone, but added will appear in Christmas. Read the abounding adventure here.
It just so happens that Reckz0r seems to be aggravating to beat off Sony--as able-bodied as get aback his fans' adoration--after a year of absence in the online hacking world. Now, Reckz0r did one of the unthinkables: hacking the PS4 to play pirated games letters that the hacker has appear a tutorial on how to jailbreak the PS4, which makes use of Orbis OS (as it is based on FreeBSD, an accessible antecedent OS). Though Reckz0r does affirmation that he did not acquisition the vulnerability himself, he is, in fact, the apperception abaft the PS4 tutorial hack, so abundant so that even Sony has started to accord warnings.
*Microsoft has formed out the Xbox One Complete Bundle. Check out the included appearance and the whopping amount tag.
Sony reacts--and it's not a appealing sight
According to the report, Reckz0r and Sony accept already had a chat application absolute messaging in the official PlayStation Twitter account.
"No? We're giving you one day, to annul that Pastebin hotlink you accept afresh posted, alongside with the files if you accept uploaded them somewhere. It will not yield us continued to get you arrested if you're still traveling to advance overextension the jailbreak. :) Yield the Geohotz book as an example."
*PS4 problems that you should apperceive about: Read them here.
In addition report, has aswell cited the PS4 jailbreak. However, until now, it is still an abstinent hack, which could beggarly that it adeptness be a affected one. Moreover, this may be accurate by a actuality begin by the address wherein x-s4nd3r was cited to be the aboriginal hacker amenable for the PS4 jailbreak. Since x-s4nd3r's specialty was hacking websites, it could beggarly that he was not the one who did the jailbreak.
However, there charcoal Sony's atomic absolute messaging exchange, which has all the hints of acrimony and backfire at a ready, so that's aswell something that shouldn't be ignored.
Best to break abroad from the drudge and just play by the rules as Sony has accustomed them, to ensure the best gaming acquaintance with your PS4.
*Gaming news: Are you a Gran Turismo fan? Put your abilities to the analysis for a adventitious to be a champ with the Gran Turismo 6 challenge from PlayStation Europe.
Another clue hacked: Facial recognition
In addition breadth of hacking, those with a PS4 have to aswell be a bit alert about this new way to accomplishment one of Sony's next-gen console's features, the facial recognition.
Extremetech did two experiments, the aboriginal one authoritative use of an Iron Man affectation to see if it can become a accepted login key. The antecedent modifies the Iron Man affectation a amount of times as, ironically, appropriate by the PS4. These cover not abashing eyebrows (hence Extremetech cartoon on eyebrows on the mask).
*The PS4 Eye Camera: What can it do and is it annual the buy?
The PS4 was able to recognise the Iron Man affectation behindhand of the user, but that it can alone be calibrated to a specific account.
While the aboriginal adjustment is not as alarming as the added one, as it will alone plan with the annual that you calibrated it with, addition added potentially adverse way has been spotted to work.
Extremetech has aswell approved announcement the annual of a PS4 user application Microsoft Surface 2 and concealment the accuracy of the device--and it worked. The PS4 camera accustomed the user's face after any problems with attention to the abyss of the person's face.
Presumably, this can be acclimated with added tablets, provided that the lighting is not as clear. But this is a alarming vulnerability in the PS4 and PS4 camera acceptance feature. Imagine the adeptness to drudge into someone's PS4 annual and admission the PlayStation Store, area purchases can calmly be fabricated with the data already stored in it--and that it can be done with a simple annual of the absolute owner.
Sony does accord anticipation that the facial acceptance affection is just for accessibility rather than reliable security, but it is a alarming prospect, nevertheless.

Amazon lance son service de paiement en ligne

Le paiement en ligne est un marché très important, amené à progresser. Grand baton du marché, PayPal attise la convoitise de plusieurs entreprises du web. Ce 8 octobre, Amazon a profité d'une conférence cascade lancer son account de paiement nommé « Login and Pay ». Accessible en ligne et sur mobile, Amazon veut offrir une band-aid de paiement très simple.
La société est amenée à être de additional en additional connectée. Les entreprises du web l'ont bien compris et veulent augmenter leurs revenus. Dans cette optique, la monétisation des contenus passe principalement par les annonces publicitaires et les casework payants auprès des internautes.
Le paiement en ligne est un élément central.

PayPal est le baton incontesté de ce secteur avec 132 millions d'utilisateurs et un chiffre d'affaires de 1.6 milliard de dollars durant le deuxième trimestre.
Si jusque-là l'entreprise, rachetée par eBay, était sereine, plusieurs entreprises du web souhaitent aujourd'hui apostle leurs propres solutions.
Google a du mal à se faire une abode et Facebook teste sa solution, mais Amazon compte bien gagner des locations de marché.
Lors d'une conférence à Las Vegas ce 8 octobre, Amazon a lancé son account de paiement en ligne nommé « Login and Pay ». Accessible en ligne et sur les supports mobiles, il adduce une another très simple cascade régler les achats. Après enregistrement des données bancaires sur Amazon, les utilisateurs peuvent payer en deux clics sur les sites et les applications mobiles des partenaires.
Déjà spécialiste de l'achat en ligne, Amazon maîtrise la sécurisation des données et peut s'appuyer sur ses 215 millions d'utilisateurs.

Avec des tarifs équivalents au leader, Amazon offre une nouvelle alternative. Il pourra, peut-être, profiter de son angel positive, de celle additional contestée de PayPal et de sa présence internationale cascade convaincre les partenaires et internautes.
Crédit photo: Amazon

Drupal abstracts aperture exposes abstracts of 1 actor users

A Drupal abstracts aperture was appear by the official Drupal Association, that Passwords for about one actor accounts on the website are getting displace afterwards hackers acquired crooked admission to acute user data.
The aegis of the accessible antecedent agreeable administration arrangement has been compromised via third-party software installed on the server infrastructure, and was not the aftereffect of a vulnerability aural Drupal itself. As antitoxin it is resetting the passwords for about one actor accounts in the deathwatch of a abstracts breach.
Information apparent includes usernames, email addresses, and country information, as able-bodied as hashed passwords. The hasn't appear the name of the third-party appliance exploited during the attack.
Evidence of the Drupal abstracts aperture was begin during a accepted aegis audit:
“Upon advertent the files during a aegis audit, we shut down the website to abate any accessible advancing aegis issues accompanying to the files,” “The Drupal aegis aggregation again began argumentative evaluations and apparent that user annual advice had been accessed via this vulnerability.”
“The Aegis Aggregation and Basement Aggregation accept apparent crooked admission to annual advice on and
This admission was able via third-party software installed on the server infrastructure, and was not the aftereffect of a vulnerability aural Drupal itself. This apprehension applies accurately to user annual abstracts stored on and, and not to sites active Drupal generally.”
The Drupal abstracts aperture is appreciably absolutely austere about user's security, an absorbing bulk of web sites is based on the accepted agreeable management. The bags of websites that run on Drupal software estimated at 2 percent of all sites should not be afflicted by the abstracts breach.
The Aegis Aggregation accepted the “unauthorized access” to their system, highlighting that there’s no affirmation that any advice was in fact stolen. As a basic admeasurement was requested all users to displace their passwords at their next login attempt.
Holly Ross, Executive Director for Drupal Affiliation accepted that they are investigating on the adventure that could accept apparent aswell added info: “We are still investigating the adventure and may apprentice about added types of advice compromised, in which case we will acquaint you accordingly”
The attacks to Accessible Antecedent CMS solutions are not an abandoned cases due their ample diffusion, in the accomplished Joomla and WordPress platforms were hit and acclimated to advance awful code, WordPress afresh was hit by a massive “brute-force” advance by botnet composed by about 100,000 bots.
It's simple to adumbrate that this affectionate of attacks is acceptable to access for the large-diffusion of these platforms which makes them advantaged targets.